What is Nude Yoga

Often those hearing about Nude Yoga may be a bit nervous about the the thought of attending a yoga class without clothing. It can be an uncomfortable thought, being so vulnerable in front of perfect strangers, and the concept itself may seem strange, or evoke fears about what one might expect. Regardless of the thoughts that may rise, one question is generally paramount. Why naked?

Why Nude?

Nude yoga offers a unique opportunity to experience the act of being and existing without facade, literally removing all masks and protective barriers to approach your individual yoga practice as yourself, unencumbered. This act of  vulnerability also helps set the stage emotionally for some great healing and personal growth. Fear of intimacy, hypersexualization of the human form, body shame and dysmorphia, and general self worth issues are all common struggles that can all be addressed by Nude Yoga. Instructors are skilled at providing a guided practice that leverages the benefits of non-sexual nudity in a safe space to work on trust, fear, shame, and to help you embrace a deeper connection and appreciation of self. 


Nude classes are non-sexual, accepting, and open-minded, allowing for the freedom of practicing yoga without being hindered by any clothing. This can be a very freeing experience to enhance your practice. All skill levels are welcome for those who are interested in joining a thriving yoga practice.  Please come showered without any heavy colognes or deodorants, as others might have chemical sensitivities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect?

Students should arrive 15 min early to secure a space. They will be greeted by one of our instructors and introduced to the amenities of our small studio. Students will be able to store personal items and prepare their mat and space for practice. At the start time of class. The instructor will secure the room, and invite students to get comfortable. Class will then proceed as would any other clothed class.

What is different about nude yoga?

Anyone having experienced a yoga class will note that the class itself is very similar to a clothed class, with the exception that instructors will be more conscious when providing adjustment, and tailor class themes to leverage the benefits of nude yoga. The majority of the difference in experience is internal. Students experience a sense of liberation and unboundedness. 

What styles of yoga do you teach?

At Totem Yoga we offer a variety of classes to meet our diverse students' needs. Whether you are needing a slow flow, or gentle yoga class to practice meditation or focus, or something more rigorous to challenge you physically, our instructors are excited to facilitate your growth in a personal yoga practice. 

Can I join a nude class without being naked?

The intention of nude yoga is to create a safe space of vulnerability. While it is preferred that all students participate with the same level of openness, in special circumstances your instructor may make accommodation. If you would like to participate, but are concerned about being nude for your first class, please contact us here. 

Will the teacher provide adjustments during class?

Yes, as in any yoga class, the teacher will adjust students to correct alignment and to help avoid possible injury and allow students to achieve the fullness of any yoga posture. The teacher's touch will be professional and purposeful at all times. 

What if I get an erection?

While nude yoga classes are not sexual in any way, the body does not always follow our best intentions. Occasionally it happens, and students should not feel ashamed in any way. Most students have experienced this at least once. Once again, this is a safe space, and class will move on. 

I am new to yoga, is this class for me?

Totem Yoga offers several types of classes that each offer unique benefits. Based on your level of physical activity, and flexibility, you may be more comfortable in one class over another. We recommend you read the class descriptions carefully, and try a few classes to see what fits your practice. All instructors are comfortable teaching to new students and most of our classes are beginner friendly.

What if I am not that flexible?

The goal of yoga is to improve flexibility, strength, and focus. We all come to our practice from a different space, and that defines our practice, rather than limiting it. Your instructor will offer modifications to greet you where you are, and help you achieve your goals on the mat. 

Why is it important to be on time?

As we are a small studio, we do not have a lobby or entry space. Instructors will lock the doors at the scheduled start time and they will remain locked until the close of class. Since many of our classes are nude, out of respect for the privacy of our students, we are unable to accept late students.  

If your question was not represented here, or you have a question specific to your unique practice, our staff are more than happy to provide answers to more personalized questions. Ask Here.

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